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An extensive range of services

In addition to offering an extensive range of repair services for all types of tentage, Tent Valeting Services Ltd also offers a ‘remake’ service to Conway and Pennine folding campers. If your trailer is still in a good condition but the canvas needs replacing, we can make it.

Whether you require the original design or you have your own design and colours in mind, we can make changes to your specifications. Get in touch with us today with your enquiry.

Step by step guide: How to remove a Conway Cruiser / Crusader Cabin Canvas up to 2003

The tool you require is a Phillips screwdriver. A cordless works quicker and is easier on your wrist. Follow the instructions below:

  • The camper is held in place by guy line tensioners and two screws
  • Erect the camper and remove the elastic rope from under both bed ends
  • Fold down the camper and pull the canvas out at both bed ends to expose roof poles and untie 6 ties at each end
  • Remove 6 grub screws on the down side of the camper where canvas slides into channelling
  • Gently slide canvas out of both sides of the camper, taking care that it doesn’t catch on metalwork
  • Keep all screws in trailer drawer for re-fitting

      Download information here on Conway trailer tent sizes for details.

    • For folding camper remakes in Bolton and surrounding areas, call Tent Valeting Services Ltd of Farnworth on 01204 708 131